Welcome to Anxietea Girl. Get it? Anxie-tea. It’s because I have anxiety and love tea. It’s a pun. I knew you’d like it 😊

I realise that ‘having anxiety’ is a blanket term. Many of us have it and it manifests itself in different ways.

Mine, for instance, usually comes when a social situation arises – but it’s not exclusive to that. Oooh no. It’s good like that. It can crop up at any given time just to fuck things up. And believe me, it does.

I hope that writing this blog will help me overcome my anxiety in some ways. I’m treating it as a type of therapy where I’ll share everyday situations that get me anxious, as well as looking at ways to stop it.

The full title of this page is ‘Anxietea Girl To The Rescue’ (and not solely because the title I wanted wasn’t available). I am Anxietea Girl and I’m coming to the rescue. To my rescue. It’s about time that I stop letting these constant thoughts and feelings rule my life. All people really want is to be happy, right? Well, that’s literally all I want.

I can’t, in all honesty, say that I’m exactly ‘unhappy’, but any time I let myself enjoy the things I have in my life that could make me happy, just for a moment – WHAM! (No, not the sensational ’80s pop group) – my anxiety.

If you read anything on this blog that sounds familiar, then please, join me. Come to your own rescue and show your anxiety who’s boss. I’m expecting it to be a long journey and probably a bit of a bumpy ride, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people say that things worth having don’t come easy (or some clichĂ©d shit like that anyway).

Well, every journey needs to start somewhere, so let’s begin…